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Family Home Movie Theater

When you came over to estimate the scope and cost of our home theater , you said (in reference to the cost of the speakers and equipment):“I’m pretty sure I can blow you away and stay within your budget”.

After our first official family movie night, I can say without reservation that you have done it. We watched “Gravity”. I recommend that movie anytime you want to show off a system of yours. The sound in the film ranges from the true silence of space to a full workout for each of the 11 custom-built speakers. We could understand every part of the dialog on the astronaut’s radio communicators, even when it was just above a whisper. You really nailed that “theater-like” sound from the center channel I asked for with the speaker you built. The bass from the 3 subs you built was everything I’ve hoped for while remaining clear and unobtrusive. And the blu-ray’s picture was a great demonstration of the Epson projector’s great contrast levels and accurate colors; I am glad we went with your recommendation. Our family will enjoy this dedicated theater for years to come. This could be the first major purchase I’ve made without a hint of buyer’s remorse or second thoughts afterwards. I am 100% satisfied.

~Chris R